Race 6 - 6/26/04
Holland International Speedway

The Sunoco 150

Eddie Frustrated with Twenty-First Finish at Holland

By Dick Casey---HRM Motorsports

Eddie MacDonald’s frustration with his 21st place finish in the Busch North Series race at Holland International Speedway was clearly evident after a difficult night. The HRM Motorsports Ford experienced problems from the time the car came off the hauler that are uncharacteristic of this team.

During the practice session, the rear end broke that served as a harbinger of things to come. Despite the crew’s efforts to fix the car, it just seemed like the racing gods had declared this was not the night for Eddie and the team. Repairs were made but Eddie did not have time to practice and shake out the bugs and there were many.

A very disappointed Eddie said, “ It was just a bad night. It was one of those nights you just say we should not have come.” The HRM team always enjoys racing on the 3/8th of a mile oval and had great expectations that a solid top ten run was in order. However, right from the start, it was evident those expectations were not to be achieved.

The team finished the fix on the rear end right before qualifying and Eddie was forced to qualify without any practice time with the hope that the set up was right but that was not to be the case. Eddie was pleased and appreciative of the crew’s diligence in getting to the qualifying run on time but said, “ We got it fixed just in time for qualifying but the car was all messed up and it was all over the place.” An 18th place run was the result.

As soon as the race began, Eddie realized that,” The car was so bad, we knew we were not able to pass anyone and were hoping to stay where we were.” As these racing deals go, things usually get worse before they get better and tonight was no exception for the team. Even after a pit stop the car performed a little better but that was short lived.

Eddie was still optimistic despite the problems but soon realized things were going to be difficult saying, “ The car got a little better after the stop but then I spun out and damaged the right front fender and things went down hill from there.”

The Rowley, Mass. driver continued saying,” We changed one cut tire, went back out and cut another tire and then it was over.” The entire team felt the pain of this one and know that solid finishes in the future are mandatory. The HRM team have not been pleased with the last few races and have vowed to do everything possible to gain back the consistency this team is capable experiencing every race.

After a day of testing at NHIS this week in preparation for the big show on July 24th, the team will be hard at work to turns things around for the BNS next visit to Lake Erie Speedway on July 10th.

Sunoco 150 Results

Results for the 06/26/2004 Sunoco 150 from Holland International Speedway:

F    S   #  Driver, Car, Laps Completed, Money Won, Reason Out
1   11   6  Andy Santerre, Castle Chemical Chev, 156, $5,750
2    2  61  Mike Olsen, Little Trees Chev, 156, $3,150
3    6  47  Kelly Moore, NAPA Of Maine Chev, 156, $2,850
4    3  74  Ryan Moore, R.C. Moore Transportation Chev, 156, $2,350
5   12   9  Tim Andrews, Great Clips Chev, 156, $1,600
6   14  40  Matt Kobyluck, Mohegan Sun Chev, 156, $1,850
7   15   8  Joey McCarthy, Tech Air/RVTech Chev, 156, $2,050
8    1  29  Dave Dion, Berlin City Ford, 156, $2,350
9   13  10  Jamie Aube, One Stop Toy Shop Chev, 156, $1,550
10   8  19  Paul Wolfe, Racing For A Cure Chev, 156, $975
11  17   0  Bill Penfold, VIP Charter Coach Chev, 156, $1,500
12   9  55  Mike Stefanik, Burnham Boilers Chev, 156, $1,475
13   5  99  Bryon Chew, Sta-Rite Pumps Chev, 156, $1,450
14  21  16  Kip Stockwell, Sabil & Son Chev, 156, $1,425
15   7  45  Brian Hoar, Goss Dodge Intrepid, 155, $1,400
16  23  26  Scott Bouley, Stump Thumpers Chev, 155, $1,375
17  20   5  Barney McRae, Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Chev, 155, $1,350
18  16  06  Ryan Seaman, Camburn Electric Chev, 154, $1,325
19  24  92  Doug Krpata, Island Trees Automotive Chev, 154, $725
20  19  15  Bobby Dragon, Waste Management Chev, 154, $1,250
21  18  17  Eddie MacDonald, HRM Motorsports Ford, 154, $1,250
22  10  32  Dale Quarterley, Bully Hill Vineyards Chev, 147, $1,250
23   4  96  Mike Johnson, Johnson Lumber Ford, 145, $1,250
24  22  21  Troy Williams, Bar-Chel Chev, 112, $700

* Denotes Rookie of the Year Contender

TIME OF RACE: 56 minutes, 11 seconds

AVERAGE SPEEDD: 62.474 mph

MARGIN OF VICTORY: 0.417 seconds

CAUTION PERIODS: 6 for 46 laps

LEAD CHANGES: 2 among 3 drivers

LAP LEADERS: Mike Olsen 1-14, Mike Johnson 15-99, Andy Santerre 100-156

BUSCH POLE AWARD: Dave Dion, 14.593 seconds @ 92.510 mph




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