Thompson International Speedway - 10/30/05


By Dick Casey

Eddie MacDonald dominated the field for his first win of the season in the final regular Busch North Series race at Thompson International Speedway. After starting on the outside pole, The One Stop Toy Shop Chevy led all but eight laps and had to outmuscle Mike Stefanik on a green-white-checkered restart to earn the trip to Victory Lane.

When the green flag waved for the 100-lap event, MacDonald wasted little time passing Sean Caisse for the lead but lost it back momentarily on an early restart after a lap one caution. However, by lap eight, MacDonald moved back in front and opened a comfortable lead over challenger Jerry Marquis. A lap 52-caution bunched the field together but MacDonald had plenty of power to pull away from the pack.

“The motor had plenty of power on the restarts so that I knew I could get a good jump on the field and it handled great in the corners. After yesterday, we knew we really had something for these guys today,” said a jubilant MacDonald.

A huge wreck on lap 61 and a red flag for a power outage on lap 64 could not cool the red-hot Rowley, Mass. driver who continued his dominance on the restarts. After Marquis hit the wall, Stefanik took over the second spot and restarted on the outside on lap 79 and held the #77 down to take the lead. However, three laps later, MacDonald took the lead again for good despite a late race red flag on lap 95 to set up the two lap shootout.

When the green flag waved on lap 100, MacDonald made sure he didn’t get pinched down again as he held his line forcing Stefanik up the track. The two made slight contact but MacDonald was able to pull away to notch the second Busch North Series win of his career.

After the race the team celebrated in Victory Lane with MacDonald saying, “ I can’t thank Rollie, Jerry, and the crew for everything they have done this season. We have had some great cars but something always happened, but today was our day and I couldn’t be happier. All the hard work and frustration we had this year, makes this win all the sweeter. Now we can look forward to California to do it again.”

MacDonald said of his late-race duel with Stefanik, “ Mike is a great competitor and I knew he would race me hard but I felt we had enough motor to hold him off at the end. He did get me on one restart. It seemed like his tires were a little better on the cold restart on the outside but I had the handling and power to take the lead back. On the last restart I knew I just had to keep him up the track and I was able to get to the front. The car was incredibly strong all day so I knew we could stay in front.”

Team owner Jerry Morello captured his first win in the Busch North Series and was very emotional saying, “ I think Rollie LaChance and Eddie MacDonald are great. They did an awesome job, that’s all I can say, they did an awesome job.” After a while to gather his thoughts, he continued, “ We’ve been knocking on the door and we showed tonight we belong up here, we are going to run with those boys next year and give them something to think about.”

Crew chief Rollie LaChance was all smiles after the race saying, “ We’ve had a couple of cars capable of winning this season, and with this one everything just came together like the stars lined up. The motor held up and it pulled really good and we made a pile of changes today. The guys came in this morning and executed them. We had a problem with our scale pads so after the driver’s meeting we set it up again. I can’t say enough about Eddie and the job he did. He never lost his cool, a couple of guys got by him and he just went and took it back. He beat the best out there.”

Although the team was really pleased with their win, MacDonald said, “ I want to congratulate Andy Santerre for another outstanding year to win his fourth straight championship. That is an amazing accomplishment. He is a great champion and even better person.”

The win put MacDonald in the ninth position in the final championship standings, a gain of two spots. The team looks forward to the trip to Irwindale, California for the Toyota All-Star Showdown November10-12 with just one thought, Win.

Results for Sunday, October 30, from the
"New England Dodge Dealers 100"
NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series race at Thompson International Speedway, showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, driver, hometown, manufacturer, laps completed, reason out (if any) and money won.

1. (2) Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass., Chevrolet, 102, $6,500.
2. (6) Mike Stefanik, Coventry, R.I., Chevrolet, 102, $4,165.
3. (5) Mike Olsen, N. Haverhill, N.H., Chevrolet, 102, $3,200.
4. (1) Sean Caisse, Pelham, N.H., Chevrolet, 102, $4,300.
5. (8) Matt Kobyluck, Uncasville, Conn., Chevrolet, 102, $2,500.
6. (12) Joey McCarthy, Randolph, N.J., Chevrolet, 102, $1,950.
7. (3) Dave Dion, Hudson, N.H., Ford, 102, $1,550.
8. (23) Andy Santerre, Cherryfield, Me., Chevrolet, 102, $2,100.
9. (11) Ted Christopher, Plainville, Conn., Chevrolet, 102, $1,475.
10. (7) Tracy Gordon, Strong, Me., Ford, 102, $900.
11. (19) Charles Lewandoski, Stafford Springs, Conn., Chevrolet, 102, $1,375.
12. (4) Jerry Marquis, Broad Brook, Conn., Chevrolet, 102, $1,350.
13. (30) Brad Leighton, Center Harbor, N.H., Chevrolet, 102, $2,275.
14. (20) Dale Shaw, Center Conway, N.H., Chevrolet, 102, $1,225.
15. (10) Ryan Seaman, Toms River, N.J., Chevrolet, 102, $1,200.
16. (22) John Salemi, Nashua, N.H., Pontiac, 102, $1,175.
17. (13) Bryon Chew, Mattituck, N.Y., Chevrolet, 102, $1,150.
18. (9) Mike Johnson, Salisbury, Mass., Ford, 102, $1,150.
19. (25) Jeff Anton, Russell, Mass., Chevrolet, 100, $1,150.
20. (17) Rogelio Lopez, Mexico, Chevrolet, 100, $650
21. (29) Joe Masessa, Franklin Lakes, N.J., Chevrolet, 100, $1,150.
22. (15) Laine Chase, Beverly, Mass., Chevrolet, 92, accident, $1,150.
23. (21) Don Wagner, Wharton, N.J., Chevrolet, 92, accident, $1,150.

24. (28) Kip Stockwell, Braintree, Vt., Chevrolet, 91, accident, $1,150.
25. (26) Scott Bouley, Thomaston, Conn., Chevrolet, 90, $1,150.
26. (18) John Cerbone, City Island, N.Y., Chevrolet, 68, $650.
27. (14) Jamie Aube, Manchester, N.H., Chevrolet, 62, radiator, $650.
28. (27) Brian Hoar, Williston, Vt., Dodge, 62, accident, $1,150.
29. (16) Dale Quarterley, Westfield, Mass., Chevrolet, 61, accident, $1,150.
30. (24) Scott Davis, Dawsonville, Ga., Chevrolet, 60, accident, $650.

TIME OF RACE: 59 minutes, 22 seconds.

AVERAGE SPEED: 63.915 mph.

MARGIN OF VICTORY: 0.411 second.

CAUTION PERIODS: 5 for 34 laps.

LEAD CHANGES: 6 among 4 drivers.

LAP LEADERS: MacDonald 1-4, Caisse 5-7, MacDonald 8-69, Marquis 70, MacDonald 71-78, Stefanik 79-82, MacDonald 83-102.

BUSCH POLE AWARD: Caisse, 20.427 seconds (109.267 mph).



POINTS STANDINGS (top 10): Andy Santerre 2120, Mike Stefanik 2078, Matt Kobyluck 1980, Mike Olsen 1933, Ryan Moore 1859, Bryon Chew 1737, Sean Caisse 1682, Brian Hoar 1666, Eddie MacDonald 1647, Mike Johnson 1621.

THOMPSON, Conn. – Sunoco Rookie of the Year Sean Caisse won his second NASCAR Grand National Division, Busch North Series Busch Pole Award of the season Saturday afternoon at Thompson International Speedway, giving him the premier starting position for the Busch North season-ending New England Dodge Dealers Twin 100 on Sunday. Eddie MacDonald will share the front row with Caisse, with Dave Dion and Jerry Marquis comprising row two.



  1.   5   Sean Caisse, Pelham N.H., Chevrolet, 110.148
  2.  77  Eddie MacDonald, Rowley Mass., Chevrolet, 109.590
  3.  29  Dave Dion, Hudson N.H., Ford, 109.425
  4.  52  Jerry Marquis, Broad Brook Conn., Chevrolet, 109.160
  5.  61  Mike Olsen, North Haverhill N.H., Chevrolet, 109.027
  6.  55  Mike Stefanik, Coventry R.I., Chevrolet, 108.382
  7.  33  Tracy Gordon, Strong Maine, Ford, 108.272
  8.  40  Matt Kobyluck, Uncasville Conn., Chevrolet, 108.267
  9.  96  Mike Johnson, Salisbury Mass., Ford, 108.095
 10.  06  Ryan Seaman, Toms River N.J., Chevrolet, 107.717
 11.  35  Ted Christopher, Plainville Conn., Chevrolet, 107.681
 12.   8  Joey McCarthy, Randolph N.J., Chevrolet, 107.676
 13.  99  Bryon Chew, Mattituck N.Y., Chevrolet, 107.625
 14.  67  Jamie Aube, Manchester, N.H., Chevrolet, 107.433
 15.   2  Laine Chase, Beverly Mass., Chevrolet, 107.235
 16.  32  Dale Quarterley, Westfield Mass., Chevrolet, 106.802
 17.  21  Rogelio Lopez, Mexico, Chevrolet, 106.623
 18.  98  John Cerbone, City Island N.Y., Chevrolet, 106.413
 19.  01  Charles Lewandoski, Stafford Springs  Conn , Chevrolet, 105.639
 20.  15  Dale Shaw, Center Conway N.H., Chevrolet, 105.421
 21.  41  Don Wagner, Wharton N.J., Chevrolet, 105.268
 22.  63  John Salemi, Nashua, N.H., Pontiac, 105.203
 23.  44  Andy Santerre, Cherryfield Maine, Chevrolet, 105.180
 24.  74  Scott Davis, Dawsonville, Ga., Chevrolet, 105.125
 25.  30  Jeff Anton, Russell Mass., Chevrolet, 104.603
 26.  26  Scott Bouley, Thomaston Conn., Chevrolet, 103.501
 27.  45  Brian Hoar, Williston, Vt., Dodge, Provisional
 28.  16  Kip Stockwell, Braintree, Vt., Chevrolet, Provisional
 29.  09  Joe Masessa, Franklin Lakes N.J., Chevrolet, Provisional
 30.  25  Brad Leighton, Center Harbor, N.H., Chevrolet, Provisional

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